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After serving two years in jail, I used my grandmother’s money to start college and begin a new life. As an older freshman, I was thrown into classes with much younger students. Unable to relate to them and not wanting to draw attention to my shady past, I veiled myself as a bookworm nerd. When I noticed that Carla, an autistic young girl, was being bullied, I stepped in to protect her. She kept me close as a guardian, but it didn’t go over well with her billionaire sister Anna, who had taken a disliking of me. As my dark past started catching up with me, I knew someone wanted revenge and wouldn’t hesitate in hurting Carla to get to me.


There’s something peculiar about Meri, the friend my sister Carla has taken in. Carla’s best friend at our affluent university is exquisite, making her stand out from the mean girls who bully Carla for her autism. I cannot interfere with Carla’s decisions, but I can keep a close eye on Meri—until I inevitably become wildly enamored with her. But someone’s seeking revenge against her for something she’s done in the past, and they’re willing to harm my sister to reach her. However, what they don’t realize is that I’ll go to any lengths to protect my family, even if it means putting my life on the line, and that includes Meri, the love of my life.

Steamy lesbian romance author

Jenna Kent

A college student, nearing the completion of her degree in Creative Writing from SNHU, Jenna is passionate about romance. She particularly has a sweet spot for masculine dominant femmes.

Living in Wayne, Michigan–just a mere 20 miles from Detroit–Jenna spends her time reading and writing. When not writing, she often can be found in her craft room, or sitting at her gaming pc playing her beloved game, The Sims.

Her stories are usually fast-paced and feature lesbian romance. Expect them to be over-the-top, with love at first sight, absurdly ridiculous–but always with a happy ending.


Jenna Kent got this one right from page one to the End. The intense meeting of the main characters at the farm the very first time brought a smile to my face with the intensity. It only gets hotter from there! The bigots of the family did try to railroad the main characters but to no avail! The story ends well.
Read it and tell your friends about it!

– Amazon Review