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Wicked Games,  Cruel Princess, Vicious Queen

Wicked Games: Prequel

Mia is thrust into a dangerous game of desire, deception and death when her father hires the deadly assassin Lucia Amato to protect her after tragic losses shake the powerful Brizzi family to its core.

Cruel Princess: Novel Duet Part 1




I’m cruel with Lucia because I have to be. This dangerous woman has made it her mission to make me her wife, and she is willing to do anything to make it happen. Now that the Blackburns are back in Detroit, Lucia is free to claim me as her wife, but in doing so, she is creating new enemies among the seven families. As my love for this woman grows deeper and more intense, I can’t help but fear the consequences of my actions. I played wicked games with her, and now I am paying the ultimate price.

Lucia claims I’m her princess, but I know that if I give in to temptation, I open a door that cannot be closed.





I have her, my sweet precious Mia, and she is everything to me. Mia hates me for forcing her back into this dark world, but I cannot help who I am. She has given me the love I desperately crave and a future that I have longed for with her. Now that I finally have her, I will never let go. As a member of the seven families, I am constantly at war with the Galloways, making new enemies along the way. But through it all, I will keep Mia by my side. I will find a way to make her love me, no matter what stands in our way. Even as she becomes a cruel princess, I will do anything to win her heart.



Vicious Queen: Novel Duet Part 2

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Wicked Games is a short prequel for a novel duet, Cruel Princess and Vicious Queen and is also a spin-off of The Blackburns Universe.

This is a dark romance so expect dark themes in this novelette. Please be sure to read the trigger warnings before you proceed.

Jenna is a steamy lesbian romance author of fast-paced instalove romance. Expect them to be over-the-top, absurdly ridiculous–but always with a happy ending.

Wicked Games: Bonus Scene 1

Mia and Lucia’s wicked games continue in this steamy bonus scene! One year after Mia’s betrothal to Lucia, they are forced to keep up the charade of their courtship to appease Mia’s father.

Tensions rise as Mia’s mother pressures them to set a wedding date, while Lucia pretends to search for the elusive Blackburn family. Behind closed doors, their passion burns hotter than ever. When a dress fitting with Mia’s overbearing mother pushes Lucia to the edge, Mia knows just how to tame her beast.

Sneaking away to unleash their lust in the bridal shop’s bathroom, Lucia lavishes Mia with pleasure until she comes undone.

Though duty calls them back too soon, a sweet surprise from Lucia offers hope for more private weekends ahead. Their wicked games never cease, binding them tighter as darker desires awaken.

Indulge in this decadent bonus scene of powerful obsessions and insatiable hunger!

Wicked Games: Bonus Scene 2

This bonus scene is a little over 8k words. This is bonus scene two out of a total of 8 bonus scenes that will be delivered weekly. 

Please take heed to the trigger warnings in this bonus scene.

Can’t get enough of Lucia and Mia’s steamy romance? Indulge in this exclusive bonus scene as their passion ignites during a weekend getaway. Lucia showers Mia with love and ecstasy, determined to give her everything she’s been craving. But Mia still harbors a dark family secret that could threaten their happiness. Will Mia finally confess her true feelings? Find out in this sexy, romantic bonus scene for fans of Wicked Games!

Wicked Games: Bonus Scene 3

A lethal assassin’s twisted obsession collides with a rebellious mafia princess’s forbidden desires in this steamy psychological thriller.

Wicked Games: Bonus Scene 4

A lethal assassin’s dangerous obsession spirals into wicked games when her future wife becomes the target of a mysterious bounty hunter in this dark mafia romance.

Steamy lesbian romance author

Jenna Kent

A college student, nearing the completion of her degree in Creative Writing from SNHU, Jenna is passionate about romance. She particularly has a sweet spot for masculine dominant femmes.

Living in Wayne, Michigan–just a mere 20 miles from Detroit–Jenna spends her time reading and writing. When not writing, she often can be found in her craft room, or sitting at her gaming pc playing her beloved game, The Sims.

Her stories are usually fast-paced and feature lesbian romance. Expect them to be over-the-top, with love at first sight, absurdly ridiculous–but always with a happy ending.


Jenna Kent got this one right from page one to the End. The intense meeting of the main characters at the farm the very first time brought a smile to my face with the intensity. It only gets hotter from there! The bigots of the family did try to railroad the main characters but to no avail! The story ends well.
Read it and tell your friends about it!

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