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Hot-Head Jodie

Character sketch-Jodie

Character Sketch: Dana


Retirement has left me adrift. Basketball was my everything, besides Ava and Alana. But now, as I prepare to become an aunt, my world is turned on its head. Alana’s pregnancy fills me with joy for my best friends, but it also stirs a deep longing in me for a family of my own. I throw myself into work as a sports commentator, but when I see Dana for the first time, a primal urge takes hold of me. She becomes an obsession, like air that I can’t live without. Despite my reputation as a “hot-head” player who chases women with “fat asses,” my feelings for Dana are different. I want a future with her, but she doesn’t believe me or understand my desires. And honestly, neither do I. All I know is that I must have her by my side at all costs. She is meant to be mine, even if she doesn’t realize it yet.



Having Alana as my writing partner brings me great joy, but seeing the love between her and Ava is starting to ache in my heart. When will I find a love like that for myself? I’ve struggled in relationships, which is why I’ve embraced singlehood until the right woman comes along. But then Jodie Mills, also known as “hot-head Jodie”, walks into my life and everything changes. This seductive player not only dominates on the court but also in the bedroom. Yet, she’s relentless in pursuing me, despite my attempts to resist her. Beneath her play-girl façade lies an unexpected sweetness that draws me in deeper. Jodie has claimed me as her forever woman, and I feel myself succumbing to her charms. But as our passionate love consumes me, I fear it may also destroy me in the process.

Steamy lesbian romance author

Jenna Kent

A college student, nearing the completion of her degree in Creative Writing from SNHU, Jenna is passionate about romance. She particularly has a sweet spot for masculine dominant femmes.

Living in Wayne, Michigan–just a mere 20 miles from Detroit–Jenna spends her time reading and writing. When not writing, she often can be found in her craft room, or sitting at her gaming pc playing her beloved game, The Sims.

Her stories are usually fast-paced and feature lesbian romance. Expect them to be over-the-top, with love at first sight, absurdly ridiculous–but always with a happy ending.


Jenna Kent got this one right from page one to the End. The intense meeting of the main characters at the farm the very first time brought a smile to my face with the intensity. It only gets hotter from there! The bigots of the family did try to railroad the main characters but to no avail! The story ends well.
Read it and tell your friends about it!

– Amazon Review