A Billionaire’s Desire-Boxed Set-Humble Servant, Claiming Madison, Stalking Abby: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

A Billionaire’s Desire-Boxed Set-Humble Servant, Claiming Madison, Stalking Abby: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Genre: Billonaire Romance

A boxed set bundle of three shorts:

Humble Servant


I took the job no one else wanted and then I met her, Stacey, a big beautiful dominant femme that steals my heart, just by looking her. Only one problem. She's my boss and she's mean as hell. I can't' help the feelings I'm catching for her. I'm poor and completely out of her league. She can't see her beauty because of the scars that cover her face. But I see it and I'm not afraid to tell her just how beautiful she is. When Stacey shows interest, I have to keep my distance because I need this job. No matter how badly I want this woman.


Why did the agency send me such a beautiful woman? I try to keep my head in the right place, because I keep firing girls form the agency. But, Emma, the way she looks at me changes something me. I've been dead inside a long time because of my injury, and I hate the way people look at me. But Emma's different. She looks at me like I'm beautiful. When you meet a woman like Emma, you keep her, and that's exactly what I plan on doing.

Claiming Madison


I'm always getting myself in hot water when I support my twin brother Brian. When he asked me to help him break into his boss’s office, I could never have expected to come across Christina Milton. A powerful and alluring heiress and a masculine dominant femme who sets my heart racing at first glance. Our connection runs deep, and she is determined to make me her wife.


I was at the end of my rope with Brian Grey - his troublemaking ways had become infamous at our University. When he sent me an inebriated email, he rushed into my office to erase it before I had a chance to see it. But on this night, he brought along his stunningly beautiful sister Madison and there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I wanted her. I'm supposed to turn down her grandmother's offer to court her. But looking into Madison's eyes, I know there's no way I'm walking away-I need to claim her.

Stalking Abby


Remi Richards, a self-made billionaire and social media influencer. You'd have to be living under a rock to not know who she is when you see her. She comes into my boss's coffee shop almost ever day. I'm madly in love with this woman. But tonight, when Remi visits, she's not here for coffee. She's here for me. I'm quickly pulled into Remi's world and learn that she knows me better than I know myself. She's been stalking me and now she says she's keeping me. Forever.


I've worked hard to make a name for myself and I never considered sharing my self-made wealth with anyone until I lay eyes on Abby Robertson. She's barista at coffee shop I visit frequently. She doesn't know this, but I've been watching her for a long time. I'm in love with Abby and I won't be without her. When I finally get the courage to tell her how I feel, there's no going back. I'm keeping Abby forever and I just might stalk her for the rest of her life.

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