BookWorm: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

BookWorm: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Genre: Billonaire Romance


What are the odds of meeting your favorite indie author in a bar? Slim to none. But when I do, get the pleasure of rejecting her. I knew Gracie was the woman of my dreams the moment I became a fan of her writing, but because she chooses to remain anonymous, I have no way of knowing who she is. When she approaches me at the bar and asks me to let her buy me a drink, I blow her off. But when I find out who she really is, I'm willing to give everything just to have a chance with her.


A local bar owner asked me to sign some of my books he purchased as merch for his storefront. When I agree, I run into the most beautiful woman. I decide to take a chance and try my hand at being social, only to be turned down by the beauty. But when she learns I'm her favorite author, the tables quickly turn and she's begging for a moment with me. Sam is so beautiful, it's difficult to tell her no, even if she destroyed my ego. I thought she was just a small town construction girl, but Sam is so much more than that. She's billionaire, and she wants to keep me forever.

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