Cuffed: A Steamy Lesbian Romance

Cuffed: A Steamy Lesbian Romance

Genres: Billonaire Romance, Steamy Romance



Marrying Ava was the best choice I ever made. I love her more than anything else. Exploring this new path with her, learning to be a wife, and embracing the chance to share everything with her is like a fairytale come true. Ava wants us to start a family, but I'm afraid due to my medical condition. Additionally, she is in the midst of training for the Olympics and has many goals of her own. I don't want my issues to interfere with her ambitions. Plus, I'm still trying to find my identity which makes me even more nervous. All I want is to wholeheartedly love Ava while sustaining our joyous marriage.




I've been too busy training for the Olympics to give my wife enough attention, but that stops now. She's got something weighing on her mind she won't tell me about, but I'm not quitting until she's open with me. After the games, I'll be in surgery and Alana has been an unbelievably supportive wife, but I want a family with her. I want to see her happy as the mother of our children, though her medical condition creates an obstacle. We'll find a way to make our dreams come true — nothing will stand in the way of our happiness. Alana is the love of my life and I'm privileged to show her how much she means to me until my last breath.

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