Death Bond: A Dark Sapphic Romance Duet

Death Bond: A Dark Sapphic Romance Duet

Genre: Dark Romance



Anna has achieved her goal--total ownership of me. I'm irrevocably in love with her, and nothing can sever our bond until death. However, this dreamy honeymoon is cut short when Anna realizes that no matter how far she runs, her demons will never leave her. Someone wants to exterminate her entire family, and they are succeeding--killing the Stonewells one by one, with Anna next on their list. The enemy plans to use me to get to Anna, yet she won't let go and will do anything to make sure I'm safe.




Elena is mine—every inch of her, including her soul—tied to me forever. We are bonded until death, and I will follow her into the afterlife. When I hear that most of my family has been slaughtered, I know soon it will be my turn on the chopping block. I have to protect Elena, but she's also under my watchful eye. No matter how hard or far she tries to escape, I'll keep bringing her back to me. Now that I have my sweet wife, I wish I had faced my past instead of running from it. But no matter what, wherever I go a path of blood will follow because I have something to live for: my sweet Elena.

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