Death Deal: A Dark Sapphic Romance Duet

Death Deal: A Dark Sapphic Romance Duet

Genre: Dark Romance
Tag: Recommended Books


Anna Stonewell, the dark and mysterious heartthrob senior at my prestigious university had just asked me out. Every woman was enamored with her, gay or straight, Anna was the epitome of seduction we all wanted a taste of. Despite being a poor sophomore student here on a scholarship - struggling to make ends meet while working part-time at a local diner and trying to keep grades up to par - I still felt blessed when she asked me out for a date during my shift. Our date was wonderful, like something out of a dream, and it felt like I was falling in love. But there was one problem. This wasn't a normal date. Anna had been watching me, learning about me, obsessing over me, planning our future together - and tonight, she executed her plan. To keep me forever. Anna Stonewell wasn't only dark, beautiful, and mysterious, she was dangerous. Very dangerous. Unknowingly, I had signed a death deal by agreeing to this date with Anna; because now I'd be staying with her until my very last breath.


It's time. The Stonewell's, my family, are retiring from our life of crime. We're leaving Michigan and disappearing off the radar, never to be seen or heard from again. Although our money is now clean, our past is far less so; death, destruction, sex and drugs have marked our history. We have enemies out there who'd like to see us wiped from record. But before we go, I stay behind to fetch my future wife: Elena Allen. From the moment I saw her in one of my lectures a year ago, I was hooked; sweet and beautiful, she stole my heart right away. It might appear as though I've ignored her since then but that couldn't be further from the truth - I've been watching her, learning all about her loves and desires; by now, I know Elena better than she knows herself. Tonight, I'll need to find a way to get her to agree to a date with me - just one - and then it will be forever. She'll come with me to my private island as my wife... because there's no other answer I'm willing to accept.

Jenna is a steamy lesbian romance author of fast-paced instalove romance. Expect them to be over-the-top, absurdly ridiculous–but always with a happy ending.

Trigger Warnings:

  • Obsession
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping
  • Criminal Behavior
  • Darker Tones
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