Eden’s Delivery: A Blue Collar Lesbian Instalove Romance

Eden’s Delivery: A Blue Collar Lesbian Instalove Romance



After the death of my parents, I had devoted myself to my small business delivering services to metro Detroit. Then Lacey opened the first lesbian bar in the city, a haven for women who love women. At the grand opening, I met Melissa with her beautiful deep brown eyes--love at first sight like my father felt for my mother. She made me work for her love, gave me something to chase. But this thrill was what I was craving, and it even made me change my life for the better. She's everything to me so I'll do whatever it takes to keep her. Melissa thinks she's too much for me, but in reality, I adore everything about her--her wildness, her looks, her magnetism, and most of all, her heart.




Visiting the first lesbian bar in Detroit was just to keep an eye on my friend Angela, but when I enter, my gaze falls upon Eden Cummings—a business owner herself—and it's like she steals my heart at first glance. But Angela shows interest and I reluctantly decide to take a step back. My yearning for love overwhelms my sensible judgment and I start doing odd things. Like secretly using Eden's delivery service multiple times to catch a glimpse of her mesmerizing green eyes. Yet, Eden doesn't accept no for an answer. She declares she wants me and will do anything necessary to obtain me. How can I resist this beguiling woman's charms? I can't. And so, I quickly tumble down a rabbit hole of love, lust, and passion that could destroy me forever.

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