Love Bonds: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Love Bonds: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Series: Nova and Blair Jounals Book 2, Book 2
Genre: Steamy Romance


Nova has guided me to her ancestral territory in order to aid her ailing mother. The more time I spend with her, the deeper our connection becomes. While in this region, our love faces multiple challenges, and I come to discover that my connection to Nova's community is far greater than I initially thought. Our love for one another transcends a mere romantic dalliance; it is destiny. However, as our bond solidifies, the peril surrounding our love intensifies.


Setting foot on the ancestral territory appears to have sparked a transformation within me. My affection for Blair has evolved into something perilous. Our connection intensifies with each passing moment, as does my fixation on her. Blair, my one and only. I've grown increasingly possessive, displaying a primal side I've never experienced before. My mother suggests that taking the blood oath with Blair will pacify my turbulent emotions, but it will also eternally unite us, transcending even death.

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