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Hot-Head Jodie

Jodie, a retired basketball star, finds her world upended as she grapples with uncharted desires, chasing love with Dana, a reluctant writer, in a sizzling tale of passion, self-discovery, and the pursuit of a forever kind of love.


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a lesbian steamy romance author

Jenna Kent

Jenna Kent, coffee lover, and book lover of all things romance with a sweet spot for masculine dominant femmes resides in Wayne Michigan, just about 20 miles from Detroit, Michigan.

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In a lakeside summer of yearning and intrigue, Cassie and Carmen dance between desire and distance, leading to a captivating tale of love, obsession, and the determination to make Cassie a forever bride

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Oooh I’m most definitely hooked on this series. Action and intense emotions is what draws our MC’s into this beautiful love story. This is the 1st book of Jenna that i have read, and cant wait to start the rest. Definitely my kind of author. Giving it a 10, well deserved and outstanding storyline.

– Amazon Review


A Billionaire’s Obsession continues with Aspen and Elizabeth’s story. Again a strong storyline that keeps you interested and excited to see where it goes. All around a good story!

– Amazon Review


Jenna Kent got this one right from page one to the End. The intense meeting of the main characters at the farm the very first time brought a smile to my face with the intensity. It only gets hotter from there! The bigots of the family did try to railroad the main characters but to no avail! The story ends well.
Read it and tell your friends about it!

– Amazon Review