Carmen’s Bride: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Carmen’s Bride: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Series: A Billionaire's Obsession
Genre: Billonaire Romance
Tag: Recommended Books


My sister is getting married and I'm elated for her, but deep down I yearn to have a love like hers. As a bridesmaid for her wedding, I must live in her fiancé's house by the lakefront for the summer. Upon arriving there, everything seemed normal—until I met Carmen, my future brother-in-law's younger sister. She's far from little; she's tall, husky, and emits an aura of dominance. Her coldness and distance intrigue me, along with the scar that stretches across her face as if housing a secret. I can't help these feelings I have for her, yet the harder I try to get close to her, the more she shoves me away. I don't understand this woman. Carmen insists on keeping me at arm's length; at the same time, she won't let me leave. She claims she'll keep me forever. Can I handle her domineering ways?


My brother is getting married and I'm forced to attend, no matter how much I protest. But when I move into our family lake house for the summer in order to help him with the details, that's when my world was turned upside down. Cassie Hartford is a woman so strikingly beautiful that I can't find words to describe her. I try to be as mean and rude as possible, but it doesn't faze the girl--she just treats me like a person who's worthy of love and respect. Her kindness and patience stir up emotions that terrify me, an obsession that both entices and repulses me all at once. I want to keep her in my life forever, yet I push her away for her own good because I know once she gives me a sample of her love there'll be no turning back. I'm determined to make Cassie mine--to make her my bride.

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