Sweet Girl: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Sweet Girl: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Series: A Billionaire's Obsession
Genre: Billonaire Romance
Tag: Recommended Books


When my best friend Adrian welcomed me to his family estate for the holiday break, I never imagined he was born into such wealth. His family's estate dwarfed mine in size. With the absence of his family who had gone away for the week, we reveled in the luxury of it all and even more so when his older sister Taylor unexpectedly returned. She was a beautiful woman, one any man would desire to have by their side. But she was also a grumpy grouch and made it clear that I wasn't welcome there. Yet something in her mean demeanor indicated an underlying longing, a darkness -- the more I delved deeper into my own desires for Taylor, the closer I came to crossing a point of no return. No matter how hard I tried to deny it, I craved all of her... and was willing to risk everything to get it.


I stormed out of my parents' vacation home, fed up with their ignorance and short-sightedness. Returning home to find my brother Adrian ravaging the family estate with his gorgeous friend Bella, I was taken aback by her beauty and the temptation she brought into my life. But how could I let her know about the darkness that lurked inside me? The urge to have her consumed me, but every time I tried to push her away, she'd draw closer. Soon enough, she would realize what she had gotten herself into. Once she opened that door, there would be no going back. Bella is a sweet girl, but she's mine now. And she will be forever.

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