Wake The Dead: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Wake The Dead: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Series: Fated Mates
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Tag: Recommended Books


Kade's father used me to deliver a message--a message to rouse him from the dead. Reviving the first Vampire would spark prophecy, eventually leading to mankind's demise. I was petrified of such an alteration, but Kade informed me that it was inevitable. But that wasn't all; my abilities were growing at a rate I couldn't manage. Our supernatural village was expanding more quickly than we could build homes for the newcomers. Humans were aware of our presence, and hadn't any idea how to address it. Kade was being thrust into politics, which made her into an irritable Vampire. Then when I encountered a Bailey witch--the bloodline of witches who began and broke the curse--I learned I'm the hybrid that can reawaken the progenitor of all Vampires. Once others discovered this information, there was a bounty placed on me, causing Kade to decide between running away with me or combatting against those hoping to keep the Vampire King in slumber.


Leah is my entire world, my purpose for living. When I discover that she's the hybrid prophesied to revive my father from his deathly sleep, I do everything in my power to guard her. It's a task I had accepted was mine and this duty comes with grave consequences. There's a reward for her death and I'm willing to battle until my dying breath to keep her safe. Our community is flourishing fast, and humans are struggling with our absorption. With my disdain for politics, I must learn to make it work, otherwise our community will be doomed.

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