The Blackburns-Zane: OTT Dark Mafia Lesbian Instalove Short Romance

The Blackburns-Zane: OTT Dark Mafia Lesbian Instalove Short Romance

Series: The Blackburns, Book 3
Genre: Dark Romance


My irritation for my sisters' sudden marriage was still present, but I joined Zara and Zuri on a much-needed vacation at Zara's behest to help her tackle the Galloways' sinister business dealings that risked jeopardizing the seven families. My sisters had all fallen victim to love at first sight—a spell from which my family seemed unable to break free. But when I locked eyes with Bella Ford, one of their victims up for sale in a sex trafficking auction, I knew I'd do anything to save her—even if it meant burning down this small town. With Zara and Zuri's help, we became the highest bidder for Bella. What she didn't realize was that this wasn't just a rescue mission…I was keeping her forever.


One minute I'm grocery shopping, the next I wake up, being pulled out of the trunk of a car, bound and held prisoner for a sex trafficking auction. Somehow, I've become entangled in Galloway's seedy schemes. When rescued by the Blackburn sisters, it seems I've left one prison only to be thrown into another. Zane Blackburn, one the darkest sisters of the Blackburn family has taken an interest in me. She won't let me go. She says she's keeping me... forever.

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