The Blackburns-Zariah: OTT Dark Mafia Lesbian Instalove Short Romance

The Blackburns-Zariah: OTT Dark Mafia Lesbian Instalove Short Romance

Series: The Blackburns
Genre: Dark Romance



Zillian Blackburn—my father's death has made headlines all over the press. I've returned to Detroit with my sisters to pay respects and tie up loose ends, only for war to break out among the seven families. Zara is the chosen leader, and there's a bounty on her head should she be killed. It'll take the entire Blackburn family standing as one to win this battle. But then luck strikes me at the worst moments when I lay eyes on Cassie Brown—the owner of a small coffee shop in downtown Detroit. My love for her remains strong, no matter how hard I try to fight against it. If anyone finds out that she's my weakness, they'll hurt her to get to me, and I swear I'll burn this city down if anyone harms my future wife.





On an ordinary day, I’m running my small coffee shop when Zariah Blackburn saunters in and turns my life upside down. The most dangerous of the Blackburn sisters, Zariah exudes a cold and calculating nature as she takes whatever she wants. Including me. Now, I'm in the middle of a battle between the Blackburns and the seven families and all I can do is hope that I survive this war. Zariah's act appears genuine on the political stage, yet there is a dark side hidden beneath her demeanor. Despite trying to resist, I'm completely drawn to this woman. Can I withstand someone as dangerous as Zariah Blackburn? Or more importantly, will I make it out alive?

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