The Blackburns-Zara: OTT Dark Mafia Lesbian Instalove Short Romance

The Blackburns-Zara: OTT Dark Mafia Lesbian Instalove Short Romance

Series: The Blackburns
Genre: Dark Romance
Tag: Recommended Books


As heiress to lead the seven families and a renowned hitman, I was requested by my family to marry and produce an heir, despite the fact that I'm a lesbian. Tradition is everything in the Blackburn family; it's been this way for generations--which is why we're the most powerful of the seven families. When our power is threatened by the Galloway's over our lack of producing an heir, my father orders me--along with my three lesbian sisters--to find wives and start families. I had no interest in this predicament--until I locked eyes with Emma Moore, the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen. The Blackburn's are known for finding their future spouses through love at first sight, something I never believed was real until now. Though she clearly wanted to escape my presence, I understand why. My world is full of bloodshed and sin, yet that won't stop me from keeping Emma forever: she's mine.


Rumors flew that the infamous Blackburn sisters were seeking out wives, and I could scarcely believe it. The most powerful and deadly crime family in Michigan had sent out invitations for a meet and greet as they searched for women to marry and strengthen their family bloodline. I didn't expect an invitation—but when Mya, my best friend and roommate, forgot hers, I dashed to present it to her. My eyes met Zara Blackburn, the oldest of the four sisters and by far the most beautiful and dangerous. I was no stranger to the underworld these women ran, as I had worked hard to escape its dark embrace. But something about me captivated Zara, and she made it clear that she intended on keeping me for herself - as her wife, no matter how much I tried to flee.

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