The Blackburns-Zuri: OTT Dark Mafia Lesbian Instalove Short Romance

The Blackburns-Zuri: OTT Dark Mafia Lesbian Instalove Short Romance

Series: The Blackburns
Genre: Dark Romance


Always needing my help, Zara called on me. What I didn't expect was to run into Zoe Hart. My family often claimed there was such thing as love at first sight— and when my eyes met hers, I realized how true that was. In an instant, I was struck by a whirlwind of emotions for a woman I'd just met. It felt like the heavens had opened up to reveal a woman so tender yet so strong. I couldn't bear to be away from her, even though I barely knew her. Zoe has a tough exterior, but underneath lies a heart of gold. When she runs away from me, I'm determined to find her and nothing will stop me from getting what I want.



Tasked with the job of delivering Emma's final paycheck from the library to Truth, a shady strip club owned by the Blackburn's, was not an ideal situation. Yet, it presented an opportunity to ask Zara about Emma—I hadn't heard from her since she married Zara and I missed her deeply. With my terrible social skills, Emma was the only friend who ever truly understood me. Growing up was a fight for survival day in and day out. I don't back down from a fight but recently I had grown tired of battling simply to exist. When my gaze locked with those of Zuri Blackburn, something stirred deep inside me—feelings of love and passion that I had never experienced before. But I knew what I was getting into; the Blackburns represented darkness and I had no desire to return to that world. Still, Zuri wouldn't let me go—she kept grasping onto me with increasing intensity until she possessed all of me.

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