Dance With Death: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Dance With Death: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Series: Fated Mates, Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance


What was supposed to be a one-night stand suddenly turns into an eternity of love and passion. When I first met Kade, I knew immediately that I wanted her. Turns out, fate has decided I was destined to be with her forever as her mate. Claiming Kade has broken an old curse, cast by my great grandmother. I'm a true born witch, mated with a vampire. This creates some political strife with Kade's Master Coven. I must be turned, but with Witches on the verge of extinction, a rival coven has decided that they won't let me join Kade as her eternal mate without a fight.


My mate has finally claimed me. I'm the happiest Vampire in the world right now, but Leah's broken curse has created new problems. My mate is a true born witch, a scarcity to her people. Not only does it create political issues with my Master Coven, now it seems I must prepare for war. A Witch Coven has their eyes set on adopting my mate as one of their own, but I won't let anyone take her from me. Looks like I'll must have a dance with deathI'm willing to destroy and entire coven, igniting a war that's been cold for a thousand years if it means I get to keep my mate. My angel. My Leah.

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