Mya’s Mate: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Mya’s Mate: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Series: Fated Mates
Genre: Paranormal Romance


I had come into work at the diner on my day off for some extra money only to end up in a robbery. Thankfully, I was rescued by the Sumpter pack, a trio of shifters. But they wouldn't leave without me; apparently, my scent had triggered something in the female shifter - Mya. She claimed that I was her mate and she wasn't leaving without me. I was thrust into the world of Snowbush Falls, a place inhabited by vampires, witches, shifters, and other creatures living in harmony with one another. The longer I spent time with Mya, the more I felt a magical pull towards her. I'd lived my entire life alone with no one to love me, but now I had a shifter who promised to love me forever.


Jessica's enticing country apple scent overwhelms me and I know in that moment, that she is my mate. The woman born just for me and meant to be mine forever. I'm the first in my pack to take a mate and this won't be easy because my wolf is wild and untamable, but when my wolf form sets eyes on Jessica, it finally submits and gives her the world; she only needs to stay with me, and I'll do anything to ensure that happens. We return to Snowbush Falls, the one place where I can be myself, hoping that my sweet mate will adjust quickly. And Jessica exceeds our expectations. I love her more than anything and I will give my life to keep her happy.

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