Katrina’s Mate: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Katrina’s Mate: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Series: Fated Mates
Genre: Paranormal Romance


When my best friend Kara dragged me to a fancy dinner party at the Mayor's mansion, I had no idea it would lead to the horrors of an auction for sex trafficking. Coming to terms with my grim fate, Katrina - a powerful and beautiful bear shifter - crashed through the mansion, shedding blood and bones in her path to save us. As our eyes met, Katrina quickly realized I was her mate. Fate had paired me, a frail and plain human woman, with one of the most dangerous creatures in Snowbush Falls. How could I possibly tame her?


It was a rescue mission I had hoped I'd never have to undertake, but Leah and Kade, the founders of Snowbush Falls, asked me for help. Potential mates were ensnared in a wicked sex trafficking ring, and it was my job to save them. While storming the mayor's mansion, I immediately caught alluring scent of my fated mate, Alexis - a gorgeous human woman. She captivated me with her beauty, courage, and fragrance. Praying Fate had chosen someone worthy of me - an ancient bear shifter bred for battle - Alexis proved she was able to tame my beastly ways better than any other. This wasn't your ordinary shifter tale. I'd tear a city down to ash for my mate if necessary. And that is exactly what I intend to do.

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