Katherine’s Mate: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance

Katherine’s Mate: A Lesbian Paranormal Romance


My lion is an untamed force, and it's not getting any easier with being the only lone shifter in my pride without a mate. As punishment for breaking a law in Snowbush Falls, I'm assigned to travel with Joe and Leah on a delivery trip - which is when I meet Erica, the beautiful woman fated to be my mate. Yet, she has suffered abuse and my lion won't bear it - I'm unlike other shifters, my beast is unyielding and notorious for harboring grudges. Can Erica manage a shifter as insidious as me?


Kat saved me from my cruel stepfather, and I'm grateful. Yet, fate has bound us together as mates for life. The more time we spend together, the stronger my craving for her becomes. But she's keeping a crucial secret from me--afraid that if I learn her true nature, I'll despise her. What Kat doesn't realize is that I need her like air to breathe. For her sake, I'd brave the fires of hell.

About the Book
Series: Fated Mates
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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