Amy’s Crush: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Amy’s Crush: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Series: A Billionaire's Obsession
Genre: Billonaire Romance
Tag: Recommended Books


I rarely date, as connecting with people is a daunting task due to my social anxiety. The exception to this practice is my best friend, Dana. I’ve devoted all of my energy into college studies and not thought much about romance. Most women in my circle came off as entitled and unambitious, uninterested in commitment. But then during my sophomore year at college, things changed suddenly when Dana got a new roommate. The second I saw her – Molly – I was utterly captivated by her beauty, sweetness, charisma, and creative spirit. We even shared the same major – Computer Engineering – further increasing my fascination. Being around her only magnified my feelings for her. This wasn't merely a lovesick crush; it had transformed into an intense fixation on Molly, and I would do anything to win her heart.


Enrolled in this prestigious university on a scholarship granted from my uncle, I find it difficult to connect with my peers. My only way out of poverty is success in academics. That is until Amy, a fellow Computer Engineering student, enters the picture. Her strikingly beautiful presence and strong personality make it hard to decline her advances. Despite her billionaire status, we share similarities. But a question remains: can I live in a world that doesn't belong to me? Amy won't give up; unfazed, Amy's goal is to claim me as her wife.

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