Serena’s Desire

Serena’s Desire

Series: A Billionaire's Obsession
Genre: Billonaire Romance

This is part-two to Luna's Desire!


Now seniors in college, my beloved wife is flourishing. I'm immensely proud of her. But now, my sweetheart craves a career. I had something else in mind; I desire to begin a family with her. She's so adept with children and it makes me imagine her carrying our own. However, Serena has distinctive notions about her future. Being married to a billionaire carries a lot of pressure, and my mother is unbearably hard to deal with. We are undergoing the maturing pains of marriage. It doesn't matter though. I'll accompany Serena to the ends of the earth. She can pursue her dreams as she pleases; I just want to be there with her while she follows them.


In our last year of college, I'm ready to launch a career. But my wife has other plans: she wants us to have a family. I'm open to this, until a a routine doctor’s visit reveals complications that might prevent me from making her dreams come true. How do I tell her? Will she still love me when she learns the truth? My fear is that these revelations will destroy our happy marriage, but Luna assures me she'll love me forever. But will she?

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