Chasing Nina: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Chasing Nina: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance


Exhausted from a series of failed relationships, I decide to purchase a cabin in Frankfort, Michigan, just off Lake Michigan, in search of a fresh start. Although this small conservative town isn't particularly accepting of my lesbian identity, I couldn't care less about their opinions. Luckily, my best friend Amanda, a local resident, assists me in familiarizing myself with the area and settling into my new home. However, my new neighbor, Robin, proves to be a constant source of frustration. She's a grumpy, rude drunk who seems to take pleasure in making my life difficult. Yet, there's something beneath her rough exterior. Behind her icy and cruel demeanor lies a hidden pain she tries to conceal. Surprisingly, despite her unpleasant behavior towards me, she unexpectedly performs kind gestures, gradually dismantling the walls she has built. I'm tired of being hurt, and Robin possesses the ability to break my heart into pieces. Nevertheless, I find myself inexplicably drawn to her, even though it defies explanation.


The loss of my parents has reduced me to a mere shadow of my former self. As an heiress to a vast fortune, I am a billionaire, but I have also become the unpleasant and unkempt town drunk. When Nina Evans moves into the abandoned cabin next door to mine, situated by the lake, I am frustrated by the intrusion of a new neighbor. I cherish my privacy and thrive in seclusion. However, Nina's beauty awakens emotions within me that I have long suppressed. She compels me to rediscover a sense of vitality, and I resent her for it. Despite Nina's delicate appearance, she possesses a strength and cunning that only serves to intensify my attraction to her. Nina does not surrender easily to my advances; she requires me to put in the effort to win her over. I am willing to pursue Nina relentlessly, even if it means chasing her to ends of the earth, in order to keep her by my side for forever.

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