Jealous Boss: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Jealous Boss: A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Series: A Billionaire's Obsession
Genre: Billonaire Romance
Tag: Recommended Books


I'm set on making her life a living hell, longing for her to quit! Every day, Naomi York enters my office and she's the most gorgeous creature that ever existed. It's horribly wrong of me, but I can't help it. She's driving me wild in ways I cannot explain, and with every passing day, these feelings escalate into an uncontrollable obsession. The ogling glances from all of the other employees longingly seeking her attention doesn't surprise me at all. Naomi is simply too gorgeous not to desire. I'm a jealous boss, but I couldn't care less. My ultimate craving is to have this woman all to myself, however, she's my employee so that won't do--but as soon as she leaves this job I'm doing everything within my power to make sure she's my wife.


This boss is a royal pain, Tessa Montgomery--a wealthy tech mogul--seems to have it in for me. She piles on extra work, always singles me out among all the other employees, turning this job into a toxic work environment. I need this job and must grit my teeth and bear it...until I'm forced to drive out to her lakefront estate in Traverse City and get snowed in with her. Can I survive a weekend alone with this miserable woman? She may be gorgeous, but the feelings she stirs up in me become increasingly hard to explain. I can't date Tessa; she's a billionaire clearly out of my league, plus she's my boss. But despite my protests, Tessa keeps pushing the envelope, sparking my desires and unwilling to accept no for an answer until I'm completely hers.

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