The Farmer’s Obsession : A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

The Farmer’s Obsession : A Lesbian Billionaire Romance

Series: A Billionaire's Obsession
Genre: Billonaire Romance
Tag: Recommended Books


It was an offer I couldn't refuse: to move to my boss's family farmhouse for a week, to convince her sister Josie to sign paperwork securing more funding to expand the family business. The money offered was more than enough to help me through hard times, plus I have a fondness for life on the farm--the atmosphere and the smell of the earth. When I meet Josie, I fall head over heels for the ill-mannered dominant femme. The more time I spend with her, the more I crave forever with her. She dominates me and makes it clear that she had plans to keep me for herself; however, conscious ate away at me, knowing that I had been paid to manipulate this woman whom I had grown to love.


My intention was to make her miserable before signing the contract. In a family full of bigots, they are at my mercy, since I'm the only heir to our family's estate, making me one of the wealthiest women in the world. Yet I don't crave riches; I long for life on the farm. When Kate appears, she captures my heart instantly when our eyes meet. She seems desperate for me to sign off on the paperwork so she could go away from me, yet an uncontrollable possessiveness consumes me upon Kate's presence. All I can think of is keeping her with me forever, and that's my aim. The woman that I've wished for, a stunning lesbian who desires a life on the farm, has stepped into my life and she isn't leaving me. I'm keeping her forever.

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